Saturday, February 11, 2006

First post and wondering how this will go -the format that I was thinking of was to have an outlet for my fucked up mind - I have, since I can remember, been struggeling with sex, intimacey, and porn. Direct result of my parents I know, but I am tired of blaming them. I am 40 now, 40 and fucked up that is for sure.

Am I going to get better? Who knows - well actually I am supposed to know right? I have tried, been to support groups, done meetings online, but I keep coming back to porn, to sex to take me away. Its like a glass of Brandy if you will - warm, comfortable, but if you have too much you feel like shit.

So I want to cronel my life, my mind. If anyone reads this, all the better, but this will be a great outlet for me - perhaps to help me get away from the grip of this.


At 2:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sympathise with you, I've had the same problem for longer, but sometimes it goes away for a while depending on my mood, I'm into big breasts and I married a woman with small breasts - I guess I must love her but sometimes it tears me up and I have to resort to my old freind porn. Like you I feel shitty after I've shot my load. I guess in the end we can only both stop by taking control of a different sort -our own minds, I quit smoking like this and feel much better. Find something in your life to replace the void- do something that you enjoy like music perhaps... I know its easy to say and fucking hard to do but know there someone else out there who's struggling with you. Good luck. sincerely


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